Programme 2017/2018

We meet on the first Tuesday evening of every month, expect January.  We also meet on the third Tuesday afternoon in November and January.

4th April
“The Lushington’s and their Circles – Reformers, Radicals and Pre-Raphaelites”
Dr David C Taylor

2nd May
“Fredk W. Paine – Serving the Community in Peace & War”
Mr Brian Parsons

6th June
“Partnership in the Past – History of John Lewis Stores”
Mr David Sheehan

4th July
“The Jacobite Rebellions of 1689 – 1746”
Dr Jonathan Oates


5th September
“Shakespeare Debunked – What We Don’t Know’
Ms Mel Harrison

3rd October
“British Humour in the Art of Picture Postcards 1909 – 39
Dr James M S Taylor

7th November
“The Battle of Agincourt”
Professor Anne Curry

21st November
“The Unknown Warrior”
Mr Andy Thompson


16th January
“The Art of Henry VIII”
Siobhan Clarke

6th February
“Hampton Court On Camera – Filming at the Palace”
Mr Ian Franklin

6th March
Annual General Meeting