Programme 2018/2019


PROGRAMME 2018/2019

Tues 3rd April    ‘Re-Vamping the Vamp- Mata Hari Myths and Realities’    Dr Julie Wheelwright

Tues  1st May    ‘The Metropolitan & City Police Orphanage of Twickenham’    Dr Christopher French

Tue  5th June  ‘Going to War in Style-the Roman Army on the March’    Mr Peter Stammers

Tues  3rd July    ‘The Most Wretched Man in the World-the Life and Loves of 5th Viscount Midleton-1806-48    Mr Mike Page

Tues  7th Aug          AUGUST EVENT

Tues  4th Sep  ‘ Crown of Blood-Deadly Inheritance of Lady Jane Grey’    Dr Nicola Tallis

Tues   2nd Oct  ‘The Extraordinary History of the Toby Jug Pub’    Mr Tim Harrison

Tues  6th Nov  ‘WW1’    Ken Cowdery & Greame Hodge

Tues  20th Nov  **  ‘Richmond upon Thames Through Time’    Mr Paul Howard Lang

Tues  5th Dec          CHRISTMAS EVENT


Tues  15th Jan  **  ‘Famous Kingstonian- Eadweard Muybridge’    Ms Seoyoung Kim

Tues  5th Feb  ‘The Wars of the Roses’  Ms Mel Harrison

Tues  5th Mar          ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Evening Meetings are held in Surbiton Library Annexe at 7.45pm

**  Afternoon Meetings are held in Surbiton Library Annexe at 2pm

Enquiries to Mrs Marilyn Jennings (Hon Secretary) Tel  020 8399 4473